Free 3G iPhone Apps

Load up your 3G iPhone with these great free apps. These applications will help you choose restaurants, upload your photos, follow sports scores, and much more.


This application will enable you to upload digital pictures from your iPhone to your Flickr account.  Take a picture with your iPhone camera, and AirMe will post it on your Flickr page within about a minute.  This process is much easier than emailing iPhone pictures to yourself and then having to upload them manually. 
AirMe is a truly useful app. You can visit AirMe at to create an account and download the app.  If you want more info you can also visit their FAQ page at

AOL Radio:

Do you want to listen to tunes while you're waiting for a flight or laying out on the beach?  AOL Radio can help you fill that void to the tune of over 350 radio stations from across the United States.  It's an audio streaming program that works well even at the slower EDGE speeds.  AOL Radio makes a great addition to your iPhone.
You can visit AOL Radio at and you can download the app at 


With Evernote you can save notes, photos, and voice recordings to the web that you can then access from anywhere.  If you want to use your iPhone to take notes or snap a bunch of pictures while you're out and about, then this app is a must have for you.
You can visit Evernote at to create your account and learn more about this great free program.

Google Mobile App:

This awesome app is like having a search bar on steroids.  Not only will it suggest popular query matches for you as you type the first couple of letters, but will also search your phone for any contact names that start with the same letters. Tapping a search result will open up a browser window, and tapping a contact name will let you text message or call that person. 
To download and read more about Google Mobile App click here.


This application puts a new twist on restaurant recommendations.  You choose to either have the program use your iPhone's current location or you can input the city in manually.  Now comes the fun part.  You can either physically shake the phone or tap the "Shake" button on the screen and the slot machine like interface spins the reels which contain the names of neighborhoods, food types, and price ranges. 
When the wheels stop spinning, UrbanSpoon's application recommends the restaurants based on the variables that come up. If random results aren't to your tasting then you can lock in your parameters to receive the desired recommendations. 
Visit to learn more about this great little app.


Ever wanted to know what events are going on in your town?  Like concerts, book signings, live sports, theater, public speakers, just to name a few.  Then Eventful is a great app that will let you know all this.
Once you configure your alerts Eventful will let you know who or what is coming into your neck of the woods and you can plan your social calendar accordingly. 
Visit to get this fun little app.


You may never need to use the iTunes Music Store again with Pandora, as long as you don't mind your music playing randomly.  Just enter in the artist's name and press the "Create" button. Then sit back and listen to your selected artist and similar acts play in radom order.
You can visit Pandora at and learn more about this cool little app.


If you're a sports fanatic then SportsTap is for you.  If you need to receive scores from NBA, MLB, NCAA, NFL, NHL, PGA, or other sports games results instantly then this app is for you.  The programs interface is clean and easy to use and the scores even load quickly on the slower EDGE networks.
Visit to download SportsTap to your iPhone and never miss a sports score again.