Is eBay Safe to Shop?

Buying on eBay can be scary if you are new to the process. But the reality is that most transactions are completed successfully and without incident.
Perhaps the most important thing you can do before you place a bid or purchase a Buy It Now item is to check a seller's feedback. This is very important as previous buyers will state if there were problems with the seller.
If the seller has a few negatives read them. It's possible they are not actual problems but comments from vindictive buyers. Pay attention to the facts of the negative feedback as well as any replies the seller may add. Professional sellers will stick to the facts when writing feedback. Possibly shady sellers will add name-calling and such while ignoring the facts. Almost every professional seller will have a few negatives and many may be unwarranted.
For those few times when you need help eBay is there to assist you. For more information you can read about eBay's policy at Trust and Safety on eBay.