Samsung Eternity

The Samsung Eternity isn't just a phone; it’s the total package. Tap into this phones potential, without having to pay a fortune. This sleek new touch phone from Samsung is fully loaded with entertainment applications and much more.
What does the Samsung Eternity have? It comes with Mobile TV, 3G Web browsing, AT&T Navigation GPS, 200MB of built-in memory, 3 MP camera, Video Sharing, on-screen full-touch QWERTY keyboard, music, accelerometer, and much more.
The Samsung Eternity also comes with a customizable color light accents and a vibration response to your touch - all at a great price that's within your reach, plus take full advantage of 3G high-speed technology. 
Below are some great deals on the Samsung Eternity so make sure to get your hands on one and enjoy this Samsung for an eternity.

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